Insight Into a New Therapeutic Landscape

The Challenge

The Challenge

A precision therapies-focused biopharmaceutical company was bringing their second product to market. In order to support product access at the provider level and drive market share and utilization, it was critical they understood the oncology clinical pathway landscape within two distinct therapeutic classes.

The IP Solution

The IP Solution

To help the company gain the understanding they needed, IP utilized various research methodologies to develop a landscape assessment and provide strategic recommendations.

Our market research expertise produced the information needed to chart the therapeutic class algorithms for major oncology clinical pathway organizations. We then created a landscape map of these pathway organizations aligned to national, regional, and IDN payer organizations. Through market intelligence and tapping into our network of large oncology practice providers, we furthered our understanding of the impact that clinical pathway organizations and their contractual affiliations have on point-of-care decision making.

The Result

The Results

Due to IP’s thorough market research, the company recognized the impact that payer-driven and home-grown pathways have on provider decision-making. This helped inform their strategy for the product relative to the clinical pathway landscape in order to increase their market access.

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