Supporting your Market Access & Commercial Teams

Through decades of industry experience and influential and wide-reaching relationships, Innovation Partners’ Market and Payer Access Services provide services to support your market access and commercial teams as it relates to coverage, coding, and reimbursement strategies which ensure broad access for your product portfolio across providers, payers, and ultimately patients.

At Innovation Partners, we seek to be a resource to our clients and partners. As you explore our service offerings, be sure to check out our Key Insights from our team of experts.

Build a Custom Strategy

Access the IP Illuminator™, our proprietary strategy building tool, to develop a customized plan of strategic solutions IP can offer to meet your unique needs.

Value Proposition Message Development and Testing

Supporting cross-team collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders to develop messaging that tells a compelling value story for your innovation.

Telling your product’s value story is key to ensuring access. Innovation Partners works in collaboration with your medical and commercial teams to define key value drivers for your product/portfolio and develop a compelling value story. Leveraging the deep and long-standing relationships we have with stakeholders across the oncology and hematology ecosystem, Innovation Partners assist to develop and test your messaging through primary research with payers, providers, and patients, conducting competitive messaging research and analysis, to develop launch ready messaging driving access for your innovation. 

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Healthcare Policy Research and Education

Keeping a pulse on issues related to access, reimbursement, and payment in order to identify trends and analyze the potential impact of healthcare policy changes on your product portfolio.

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing and pressures on policymakers are impacting what we traditionally know about access, reimbursement, and payment. With a team of experts based in Washington DC, Innovation Partners provides support to monitor healthcare policy, identify trends, and analyze the potential impact of policy changes to ensure you are always one step ahead. Leveraging relationships with elected officials, professional societies, advocacy organizations, patients, providers, insurers, researchers, and distributors, we can help you to identify obstacles and develop a strategy to remove barriers to access for your portfolio of products.

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Pricing Strategy and Research

Leveraging relationships with priority decision-makers across providers and payers to develop strategic recommendations for pricing and contract design.

Setting a pricing strategy for your product(s) will have long-term implications for access. Innovation Partners utilizes deep expertise to employ strategic research methodologies to evaluate and advise on pricing and reimbursement strategies. Through in-depth interviews, advisory boards, and quantitative research (including commercial and Medicare claims data analysis), Innovation Partners engages key decision makers including providers and practice leaders in the community and academic settings as well as those with decision-making authority at national and regional health plans, PBMs, and IDNs, in order to provide recommendations for net and gross price as well as contract design.

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Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Boards

Offering full-service solutions or services to supplement your existing infrastructure to engage influential experts and gain strategic insights in support of your corporate interests.

Leveraging extensive and deep relationships with Payers (Health Plans, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) , etc.), Providers (Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc.), and other stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem, Innovation Partners provides key insights into the oncology, hematology, and rare disease landscape across various perspectives, including coverage, payment, reimbursement, pricing, treatment patterns and more in the US and/or EU. Our Advisory Board services can be utilized to support your existing infrastructure/programs or can include turnkey, full-service Advisory Board planning and execution.

Services include:

  • Identification of and outreach to opinion leaders with decision-making authority within priority payers, community practices, academic centers, advocacy organizations, societies, and other key stakeholder groups.
  • Advisory board planning and logistics, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) calendar management, contracting, and honoraria processing.
  • Strategic oversight, design, and direction to ensure project objectives are met and participants are actively engaged.
  • Development of discussion guides, agendas, attendee biographies, slide decks and associated educational materials.
  • Highly experienced and efficient program moderation
  • High-quality custom deliverables that provide analysis and insights

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Coding and Reimbursement Strategy

Providing support to evaluate the landscape, develop strategies, and submit applications in support of appropriate coding (CPT, HCPCS, ICD, NTAP, etc.) for your product.

With years of experience understanding barriers and developing strategies relative to coding, as well as writing and submitting coding applications, Innovation Partners provides support to ensure your product receives the code(s) needed so that providers feel confident they will be reimbursed when prescribing your product. Codes included within our area of expertise include:

  • Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)
  • ICD 10/ICD 11 Codes
  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
  • New Technology Add-On Payment (NTAP)

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Clinical Compendia and Pathways Strategies

Strategy development, medical writing & application assistance, engagement with key decision-makers, and monitoring of Compendia and Pathways organizations to support broad and appropriate access for your products at the point of care.

Navigating the various clinical compendia and pathways can be complex, requiring support from both medical and commercial team members. Innovation Partners has successfully led nearly 50 oncology, hematology and rare disease indications through the development and submission of applications to influential Guideline, Compendium, and Pathway organizations. Services include:

  • development of compendia/pathway strategies
  • publication strategy and content writing
  • application development and submission
  • medical writing support
  • field-based support and outreach to key decision makers
  • monitoring and tracking of compendia/pathway recommendations and policies
  • Compendia and pathways maintenance strategies

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Payer Strategy & Engagement

Providing full-service strategic oversight and implementation or “extra muscle” to reach priority payers, IDNs, and PBMs through meaningful engagements in support of access to your product portfolio.

National and Regional Health Plans, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) all play a unique role in access to healthcare. Innovation Partners leverages relationships with the key decision makers within these institutions to develop a unique strategy for your company and portfolio of products. Our team is available to provide support from full-service planning and strategy implementation with payers, IDNs, and PMBs to simply providing “extra muscle” to enhance your field team’s efforts and create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the decision makers you need to know. Our team will partner with you to develop a personalized strategy to meet your field team’s needs and will seamlessly integrate across your internal functions to enhance access to your product portfolio across the product development life cycle.

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Vendor Engagement Strategy

Developing strategies to support the transfer of relevant clinical and economic data to EMR vendor organizations while providing insight into the impact these systems are having on product access at the practice level.

EMR systems are used by providers and institutions/practices as a means to improve care. They often include tools that support patient safety as well as support for clinical decision-making. Innovation Partners positions you to navigate the incorporation of new products into EMRs, understand which EMRs should be prioritized , and define what data is needed for submission to EMR vendor organizations. Through primary research, Innovation Partners ensures your team understands the impact the EMR systems are having on product access at the practice level, and we will provide strategy and guidance to support your field teams in addressing these barriers to access.

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Payer Coverage, Compendia, and Pathways Monitoring

Tracking, monitoring, and reporting on changes to policies across payers, compendia, and pathways to provide you with an accurate picture of your product’s positioning within treatment pathways and algorithms.

After your product receives FDA approval it is important to understand how various payers, compendia, and pathways are incorporating (or limiting) your product as a recommended treatment option. Innovation Partners provides insight into these decisions through tracking and monitoring of various payers, compendia, and pathways regarding your product’s position/status within treatment pathways/algorithms. These key insights will strategically position your field teams to identify, address and eliminate barriers to access.

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Compendia and Pathways Maintenance Strategies

Develop and execute a comprehensive plan to ensure incremental data and supplemental indications are communicated to priority Compendia and Pathway organizations in a strategic and timely manner.

Once your product has been listed within clinical compendia and/or clinical pathways, it might seem that your work is done. It is essential, however, to continue to provide clinical and pharmacoeconomic data to prioirty compendia and pathways organizations, as incremental data is published and supplemental indications are approved, to ensure continued appropriate placement for your products. Our team will work with you to develop a calendar/schedule focused on anticipated data release points to optimize your communications with compendia and pathways organizations. With a team of medical experts, we will leverage our many years of experience and expertise to support the communication of new data and submissions of supplemental applications to clinical compendia and pathways organizations, ensuring access across providers, payers, and patients.

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