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Relationships are the foundation and priority of our team and the clients we serve; they sustain us. We care about and give first priority to each person’s beliefs and family relationships while balancing our daily work. We seek to approach all interactions with care, empathy, and joy.

Our team members are smart, yet humble. They are capable and committed to their work. We care about our clients both personally and professionally. We care most about each other and each others’ families and all else follows.

Dave MelinDave Melin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

IP cares about its employees. They always put my personal well-being and the well-being of my family above all else. Because of this, they feel like family.

Kimberly DragerKimberly Drager, Executive Director, Business Development


Relationships are the building blocks of great partnerships. We commit to a partnership through collaboration and teamwork seeking to respond flexibly and responsibly to client needs. We are committed to the success of all those we work with.

The people are what makes IP a unique place to work. Our team is hardworking, kind, and talented. We want to do what’s best for the client and for patients – we are a true team!

Holly PonderHolly Adams, MA, Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Seeking first to understand we inquire, illuminate and then inform. We pursue proactive and creative problem-solving. As a team, we aspire to bring knowledge, experience and an eager and inquisitive approach to all that we do.

I love the variety of projects we are able to work on. No two days are exactly alike, and it’s wonderful to be able to be a part of a team that is all willing to jump in, help out, and achieve the end result for our clients.

MeganMegan Ilnicki, Senior Project Manager


With focus, determination, and unwavering tenacity we collaborate with a sense of urgency that matches our client’s critical needs. We apply for our hard work, depth of experience, and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

Every person at IP brings a different strength to the table – the components work together well to create a capable and competent team. We are very bright, creative, and passionate people. Every team member puts forth 100% and their care for clients is impressive. We are truly invested in what we do.

Samantha Bertini PhotoSam Bertini, Graphic Design

The best aspect of IP are the people. Our team comprises dedicated individuals who consistently bring their best to the table, not only in terms of work but also in fostering meaningful relationships. The genuine care our team demonstrates towards each other and our clients makes the work environment truly fulfilling.

Rachel Brown, Associate Controller


Through open, honest, and thoughtful communication we seek feedback from others and seek to provide constructive feedback in return. We lead with compassion and are grateful for the opportunity to serve others. We always ask if we can do more, always strive to learn and grow.

There is only one team at IP: the A-team. We are excited about making a difference – not focused on awards or trophies.

Roz BlumenthalRoz Blumenthal, PhD, Executive Director, Medical Affairs


We are adaptable. We see opportunity in ambiguity. We always strive to learn, grow and improve. 

IP cares deeply about its clients and is willing and able to adjust its processes and strategies as needed to fit a client’s needs.

CaitlinCaitlin McAuley, Business Development and Marketing Manager