Turning analysis in to actionable insights

Your team needs information in order to make the best decisions to ensure access to your product(s). By combining our understanding of the marketplace, relationships with key stakeholders, and expertise in market research methodologies, Innovation Partners Market Research and Data Analytics services can help you to turn analysis in to actionable insights.

At Innovation Partners, we seek to be a resource to our clients and partners. As you explore our service offerings, be sure to check out our Key Insights from our team of experts.

Build a Custom Strategy

Access the IP Illuminator, our proprietary strategy building tool, to build a customized plan of strategic solutions IP can offer to meet your unique needs.

Product Value Proposition

Supporting cross-team collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders to develop messaging that tells a compelling value story for your innovation.

Innovation Partners drives your commercial success and value proposition strategy through in-depth qualitative and quantitative market research, one-on-one interviews, advisory boards, as well as literature review, HEOR studies, and clinical trial data. Innovation Partners supports your product development strategy and provides the insights needed to design a robust value story to meet the needs of your future clients. Through primary and secondary research and advisory boards, you will reach stakeholders across the oncology ecosystem to determine the best strategy to position your product and showcase unmet needs.

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Competitive Market Landscape Analysis

Utilizing primary and secondary market research methodologies to evaluate the competitive landscape and support strategy relative to product positioning, pricing, sales forecasting, value discussions, and more.

Innovation Partners will employ various methods to conduct a thorough evaluation of the competitive landscape for your product(s). Utilizing commercial and Medicare claims data, one-on-one interviews, advisory boards, clinical trial data review, literature review, conference coverage, and other strategies we will analyze data to understand the current and future competitive market in support of product positioning, pricing, and estimated sales forecasting models to support and enhance value discussions with provider, payer, and other stakeholders. Insights include:

  • Analysis of competitive contracts
  • Patient Journey Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis

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Budget Impact Analysis

Developing budget impact models in support of product and portfolio financial impact assessment by leveraging epidemiology studies, real-world evidence (RWE), and health-economics outcomes research.

To support your overall pricing and reimbursement strategy, our team leverages various research methods, including the use of epidemiology studies, real-world evidence (RWE), and health-economics outcomes research, to develop budget impact models in support of a financial impact assessment for your product. Insights include:

  • Per Member Per Month (PMPM) impact modeling
  • Affordability Research and Analysis
  • Pricing Research and Analysis
  • Price and Reimbursement (P&R) dossier, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) dossier, and/or global value dossier optimization

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US Payer Landscape Analysis

Providing insight into the public and private payer landscape to pressure test pricing, reimbursement, and contracting strategies.

Through one-on-one interviews or advisory boards with key decision-makers, Innovation Partners will provide insight into the current public and private payer landscape for a specific therapeutic class. By leveraging our relationships with National and Regional Health Plans, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Specialty Pharmacies (SPs), and Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) jurisdictions, we support product and/or disease-state specific research and will pressure test your pricing, reimbursement, and contracting strategy in consideration of sites of care in the community, hospital outpatient and academic settings.

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Clinical Pathway Landscape Mapping

Developing a comprehensive analysis of clinical pathway organizations utilization management outlook across competitive products within a therapeutic class.

In order to develop a Clinical Pathways Strategy, your team needs to first understand the current landscape as it relates to therapeutic class.  Innovation Partners’ Landscape Mapping provides insights into how various payer organizations are managing oncology, hematology and/or rare disease treatment options through clinical pathway relationships. Strategic research will illuminate how clinical pathways and payer agreements are impacting product access at the provider level, ultimately driving market share and product utilization/access down to the point of care.

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Treatment Landscape Benchmarking & Analysis

Evaluating the current state of treatment and diagnosis patterns among healthcare professions to identify gaps and needs relative to education and awareness.

Innovation Partners will conduct primary market research to evaluate the current awareness profile of a specific disease state, diagnosis, and treatment options among health care professionals, in order to identify gaps and needs relative to providing education and awareness. The research will provide insights relative to the practice setting, geography, and specialty for benchmarking.

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EU Payment Systems Research

Providing strategic insights into HTA flows, decision criteria, and pricing & reimbursement barriers at the country level to support European Market Access.

Innovation Partners is uniquely positioned to provide strategic product and market insights across Europe , drawing upon a team of seasoned experts. Our team conducts primary stakeholder interviews with Key Opinion Leaders and secondary research to evaluate barriers to access, HTA flows, and decision criteria, in order to provide strategies for introducing products within identified markets. The research will identify specific requirements by country for assessment of safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness to support your European market access strategy.

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Workforce Benchmarking

Supporting you as you build out your internal teams by providing the information you need to build an effective and comprehensive workforce.

Strategic workforce planning requires keen attention to current market factors and competitive structures. Innovation Partners understands the investment required to build your commercial and medical teams, and we will provide the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your company’s field teams and structure, giving you the competitive advantage necessary to meet the impact of existing competitors in the marketplace.

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Pulse Surveys: Field Team Evaluation

Providing real-time feedback to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your field team engagements.

Innovation Partners conducts Pulse Surveys, a unique tool designed to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your virtual and in-person field-based engagements. IP’s dedicated market research experts will work with you to develop key questions, identify and survey KOL respondents, and provide real-time feedback through quantitative benchmarking and analysis. With access to thousands of providers, our team will deploy surveys to your preferred network, whether it be 10 or 100 contacts, and provide rapid results, within days to a few weeks. Quarterly reports will provide geographic breakdowns designed to highlight national and regional trends and address any barriers to access.

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Business Development Due Diligence

Analyzing market potential, developing sales forecasting models and sensitivity analyses to present a comprehensive outlook of the market access landscape.

As you look to license or acquire new assets, having a trusted partner to provide reliable information and guide you in your decisions is essential. Innovation Partners has the experience and expertise to analyze market potential, develop sales forecasting and price sensitivity analyses, and present a comprehensive outlook on the market access landscape in order to support recommendations for your business development teams. Our relationships with experts across oncology, hematology, and rare disease combined with our team’s experience working within early-stage, mid-size, and multi-national manufacturers can give you the peace of mind to ensure your decisions are well-informed, setting you up for long-term success.

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