Leveraging Relationships

Medical Affairs requires a deep understanding of the therapeutic landscape in order to leverage relationships with key stakeholders in support of broad awareness for disease management. Innovation Partners has the expertise and experience within oncology, hematology, and rare disease to engage scientific experts, clinical investigators, patient advocacy groups, professional organizations and societies, and other key opinion leaders in support of your communications, and publications, and overall medical strategy.

At Innovation Partners, we seek to be a resource to our clients and partners. As you explore our service offerings, be sure to check out our Key Insights from our team of experts.

Build a Custom Strategy

Access the IP Illuminator™, our proprietary strategy building tool, to build a customized plan of strategic solutions IP can offer to meet your unique needs.

Scientific Platforms

Delivering content to streamline your messaging as it relates to disease state, clinical need, and product information across your internal functions.

Scientific Platforms serve as the foundation for your unbranded and branded messaging, influencing how your team presents information pertaining to disease state, clinical need, and product. Innovation Partners will develop and deliver a Scientific Platform which supports disease state overview, mechanism of disease, burden of disease, disease management, unmet need, product efficacy, safety, and tolerability. Through review of literature, engagement with thought leaders, and a collaborative development process, our Scientific Platform will serve as the basis for unbranded disease awareness and branded messaging for all scientific communication, publication planning, and key communications for publication, corporate communications, and internal trainings.

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Clinical Trial Recruitment Content Development

Develop expertly curated content to support Clinical Trial recruitment across various mediums.

Our Medical Affairs experts will leverage their existing knowledge of oncology, hematology, and rare disease space, combined with a review of existing literature and product understanding to support the development of materials and medical writing for clinical trial recruitment websites, brochures, and other essential content.

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Influencer/Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification and Mapping

Identifying critical stakeholders across a specific therapeutic area to assess individuals and organizations with the greatest potential to impact access, coverage, and reimbursement for your product(s).

Many stakeholders play a role in ensuring access for patients; providers in the community and academic settings, leaders at infusion clinics, decision-makers within IDNs, health plans, trade and distribution, officials from regulatory/HTA agencies, professional societies, compendia organizations, and advocacy organizations. Innovation Partners’ deep expertise in oncology, hematology, and rare diseases guides the creation of a custom and comprehensive map of individuals and organizations who have the capacity to impact access, coverage, and reimbursement for your portfolio. Whether you are bringing your first product to market or entering a new therapeutic area, our team will leverage our deep relationships with influencers to identify the key decision-makers you need to engage to ensure future success.

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Publication Strategy & Content Writing

Supporting your team as you develop a comprehensive publication strategy to support meaningful insights into your clinical data to increase awareness, visibility, and product adoption.

At Innovation Partners, we know it is essential to your medical plan to have a comprehensive publication strategy in support of the clinical data for your portfolio of products. Our team of medical experts will provide guidance and strategy regarding publications for manuscripts, abstracts, poster presentations, etc., to support increased product awareness, visibility, and adoption. Our medical writers can support your existing team or provide full-service medical writing for publication content, as well as assist with submission and tracking of publications, as appropriate.

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Investigator and Scientific Advisory Boards

Engaging clinical experts to provide key insights to inform your medical affairs strategy.

Leveraging relationships with healthcare professionals  (including physicians and decision-makers at large community oncology networks, academic cancer centers, and infusion clinic; nurses; pharmacists; etc.), patient advocacy organizations, professional societies, and other relevant stakeholders, Innovation Partners provides key insights across various perspectives to inform your medical affairs strategy. Our Advisory Board services can be utilized to support your existing infrastructure/programs or can include full-service meeting planning and execution. Services may include:

  • Identification of, outreach to, and engagement with identified stakeholders with decision-making authority
  • KOL/investigator calendar management, contracting, and honoraria processing.
  • Meeting planning and logistics, including securing meeting space, catering, AV, technical support, on-site support, digital recordings, transcription, etc.
  • Strategic oversight, design, and direction to ensure project objectives are met and participants are actively engaged.
  • Development of discussion guides, agendas, attendee biographies, slide decks, and associated educational materials.
  • Highly experienced and efficient program moderation
  • High-quality custom deliverables that provide analysis and insights

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One-on-One Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Engagements

Bringing you together with thought leaders across various stakeholder types to further your corporate interests and support access for your portfolio of products.

Knowing who you need to engage key icon is only half of the solution. At Innovation Partners, we know who you need to know, and we have the experience required to transfer these relationships with key US and EU stakeholders, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, practice administrators, and other leaders within influential organizations in order to build brand and disease state awareness.  Our team will provide full-service meeting planning and logistics coordination, manage contracting and CDA agreements as needed, and support the development of meeting agendas and associated supporting materials to support significant one-on-one engagements. The goal and design of these engagements are always to ensure your team walks away from these meetings with enhanced relationships and actionable next steps for further engagement.

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Advocacy Strategy and Engagement

Identifying and building relationships with advocacy organizations to develop opportunities for collaboration in support of common goals and patient access.

Patient advocacy organizations play an essential role within the oncology, hematology, and rare disease ecosystems. Leveraging our longstanding relationships with advocacy groups across numerous therapeutic areas, Innovation Partners will build a strategy to support product adoption and identify opportunities for collaboration around common goals. Services include advocacy landscape analysis, strategy recommendations, identification, and implementation of engagements with key decision-makers, patient-centered advisory boards, advocacy summits, awareness and education campaigns, and patient-focused messaging development and testing.

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Clinical Compendia and Pathways Submissions

Strategy development, medical writing & application assistance, engagement with key decision-makers, and communication of key clinical and economic data to support broad and appropriate access for your products at the point of care.

Navigating the various clinical compendia   and pathways can be complex, requiring support from both medical and commercial team members. Innovation Partners has successfully led 50+ indications through the development and submission of applications to influential Guideline, Compendium, and Pathway organizations with a 98% success rate for inclusion within clinical guideline recommendations. Our team of PhD medical writers can provide support for medical content writing, publication strategy, and application development and submission, to support broad and appropriate access for your products across clinical compendia.

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Compendia and Pathways Maintenance Strategies

Developing and executing a comprehensive plan to ensure incremental data and supplemental indications are communicated to priority Compendia and Pathway organizations in a strategic and timely manner.

Once your product has been listed within clinical compendia and/or clinical pathways, it might seem that your work is done. It is essential, however, to continue to provide clinical and pharmacoeconomic data to priority compendia and pathways organizations, as incremental data is published and supplemental indications are approved, to ensure continued appropriate placement for your products. Our team will work with you to develop a calendar/schedule focused on anticipated data release points to optimize your communications with compendia and pathways organizations. With a team of medical experts, we will leverage our many years of experience and expertise to support the communication of new data and submissions of supplemental applications to clinical compendia and pathways organizations, ensuring access across providers, payers, and patients.

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Competitive Brand Analysis

Providing review and analysis of the competitive market in support of your overall strategic objectives.

Through literature review and conference coverage, our team will provide a comprehensive analysis of the competitive marketplace. By assessing current market competition, identifying gaps and opportunities, and evaluating emerging clinical data, our team will provide strategic recommendations to support your overall medical affairs strategy.

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Launch Materials Medical Writing

Supporting your medical team to develop accurate and effective communications in support of broad and appropriate access as your near launch.

Developing consistent, accurate, and compelling medical communications will support broad access to your product portfolio. Innovation Partner’s medical writing services allow you to leverage our team of medical writers’ expertise and experience to support the development of speaker decks, PIE decks, FAQs, monographs, slide libraries, dossiers, patient cases studies, and video scripts in support of your medical communications.  

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Sales and MSLs Training Materials

Developing training materials to ensure your team is knowledgeable and prepared to engage with key decision-makers in support of your corporate interests and product portfolio.

Your sales and MSL teams are often the first impression providers, payers, and other key decision-makers will see of your company and portfolio of products. Ensuring they are well informed is a key to providing consistent, clear, and accurate messaging to these stakeholders. Innovation Partners will employ medical experts to support the development of your internal training materials including e-modules, implementation guides, executive summaries, coaching guides, assessment questions, and other essential training materials.

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