Strategizing a change in a company’s focus

The Challenge

The Challenge

A large, multinational pharmaceutical company was looking to incorporate the patient voice across all stages of product development for their entire portfolio of oncology/hematology products. Their team needed support from a partner with the expertise to reach patients and advocacy organizations, and to develop an overall strategy for their advocacy relations team.

The IP Solution

The IP Solution

Through a collaborative relationship with the client, Innovation Partners employed multiple tactics to identify, build and transfer relationships with patient advocacy organizations leading to the incorporation of the patient voice into the company’s strategies.

Our team began by conducting primary research, leveraging our expansive relationships across patient advocates, in order to build a map of advocacy groups and thought leaders relevant to the company’s oncology pipeline.

IP subsequently provided support to develop and test patient-focused messaging. We communicated with advisory boards and conducted roundtables, leading to the development and execution of a Patient Advisory Council. Additional support went toward the implementation of education and awareness campaigns.

The Result

The Results

The partnership with IP led to the company being viewed as a leader in patient engagement throughout the product development lifecycle. This ensured broad access for their product portfolio and the company has continued to collaborate with advocacy organizations to achieve shared goals.

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