KOL Development

In order to develop an engagement plan for a stakeholder community which was growing and complex, IP identified and engaged multiple tiers of opinion leaders ensuring the client was able to reach a broad customer audience.

The Challenge

The Challenge

The client had in-licensed a new drug that gained FDA approval soon after the agreement went into effect.

They wanted to build relationships with academic medical centers and community oncology practices to engage and educate key decision-makers relative to the drug’s clinical data, in consideration of broad and appropriate access for patients with the specified indication.

The IP Solution

The IP Solution

IP provided strategic support for the development and execution of 1:1 meetings with priority stakeholders for the client. IP identified experts and coordinate live meetings held over consecutive days at a large national conference along with virtual meetings held by zoom after the conference allowed for the client to interact directly with influential stakeholders.

A final report including physician biographies and a summary of each engagement with key take-aways, and action items was distributed to the company’s medical team and MSLs.

The Result

The Results

The company learned which data was viewed as most differentiating and compelling, key questions regarding the data and how treatment could be individualized based on molecular assessment of patients, and novel ways to present their data.

This project enabled access to the company’s corporate interests and product portfolio to the oncology stakeholder community. These engagements allowed the company to initiate discussions on new projects in niche areas that could be supported by the company. Many of the physicians expressed interest in collecting rea-world data and designing robust studies in other populations, thus supporting broad and appropriate access to the newly in-licensed product.


Related Case Studies

MSL Trainings

Medical Science Liaisons are key points of contact at point of care and with payers to communicate key scientific information.  To provide its client with a strong and informed MSL team, IP developed customized training solutions to ensure a cohesive approach to stakeholder engagement. 

Conference Engagement Strategy

Conferences provide an important opportunity to engage with multiple stakeholders as large groups or in smaller 1:1 settings.  IP leveraged its expertise to coordinate multiple types of engagements and gather key insights for its client.