MSL Trainings

Medical Science Liaisons are key points of contact at point of care and with payers to communicate key scientific information.  To provide its client with a strong and informed MSL team, IP developed customized training solutions to ensure a cohesive approach to stakeholder engagement.

The Challenge

The Challenge

In anticipation of a launch, a client was seeking to train and prepare a team of field-based medical science liaisons (MSLs) to effectively and compliantly interact with and educate payer decision-makers, in consideration of their National Account Director (NAD) counterparts.

The IP Solution

The IP Solution

  • IP developed and executed a live field-team training geared towards the MSL team.
  • IP considered the client’s developed business rules/compliance procedures as it related to the MSL team and opportunities to engage with payer decision-makers in coordination with other internal teams in the development of the training content.
The Result

The Results

IP delivered an in-person, two-hour live training session which incorporated payer experts to participate in a live Q&A to the client’s MSL team. The training provided an opportunity to learn essential skills, including?

  • Explaining the role of the Payer in supporting access to new therapies.
  • Ensuring that the MSL team was trained in how to compliantly interact with payer decision-makers.
  • Ensuring that the MSL team was trained on how to appropriately work with their NAD team counterparts.

IP also provide enduring material in the form of a MS-PPT slide deck with an accompanying voice-over of each slide for future training sessions.

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