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Drug Formulary, Quality Reporting, Prescription Database, Pharmaceutical Companies Sold, and Drug Rebates

IP Blog | Dave Melin | January 22, 2017

In this week’s BioBlog we look at a new drug formulary, the new MACRA fact sheets, and the development of a universal prescription database. Also in the news the sale of pharmaceutical companies, and drug rebates that health plan providers receive. New Drug Formulary Will Help Expedite Use of Agents in Clinical Trials This week […]

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US Market & Payer Outreach

6 Phases
 |  18 months

IP enabled client to develop relationships with key payer decision makers, which helped to increase access for their new FDA-approved product.

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IP’s outstanding team, made up of talented individuals with excellent experience, relationships and high character, brings a wealth of opportunity for any company large or small in the Oncology Marketplace. It continues to be a privilege to align ourselves with IP on strategies surrounding commercialization, corporate advocacy, patient advocacy, market research, and more.

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