EXCELSIOR, MN – April 17, 2023 – INNOVATION PARTNERS LLC today announces the appointment of Holly Adams to the role of Chief Operating Officer as the organization enters into a phase of strategic expansion and growth. Responding to the changing needs and growing demands of the clients we serve, this appointment, in coordination with additional restructuring and reorganization of strategic leadership roles, best positions Innovation Partners to continue its successful track record of leading clients through successful product development, market launch and commercialization strategies.

Holly Adams (formerly Holly Ponder), Appointment to Chief Operating Officer  

Since joining the organization in January 2020, Holly has taken on increasing leadership responsibility and has consistently shown an aptitude for growth, while serving our clients with exceptional partnership. In the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) Holly will lead the Executive Leadership team of the organization in alignment with the organization’s Core Focus and Values. In addition, she will be responsible for directing the business operations of Innovation Partners while maintaining valued relationships with our clients.

In her expanded role, Holly will manage the business, driving steady growth over the coming months and years as Innovation Partners moves into a new phase of service to clients. Holly brings 5+ years of varied oncology/hematology experience combined with 10+ years of project management experience, and a passion for organization, people management, and process improvement. She recently earned a Master’s Degree in Management from the Harvard Extension School building upon her Law Degree from Southampton University.

“I’m excited to be moving into this role and taking on this new challenge. I can’t wait to work more closely on our business plan and internal processes – to continue to make improvements that translate to positive workplace and culture changes, and continued excellence for our clients,” said Adams.

Dave Melin, Founder, Appointment to Chief Executive Officer 

In alignment with the appointment of Holly to the role of COO, Dave Melin, the organization’s founder, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Dave’s position as CEO will more effectively reflect his role as the visionary of the organization and underscore the importance of the partnership between the roles of CEO and COO.

The driving force behind the organization’s success, Dave brings 25+ years of experience working within executive roles at biopharmaceutical companies, with 35+ years of direct oncology/hematology experience. Dave will continue to work closely with our clients, providing key strategic input and advice, and driving the vision and direction of the organization.

“In 2020, Innovation Partners engaged in a 10-year strategic planning process. During this timeframe, we have made great progress, which has resulted in strategic reorganization and expansion for the organization. Holly Adams has proven to be an effective leader as our firm has implemented vital processes and new services for the clients we serve. She is a proven leader and the right person to help lead us into the future,” said Melin.

Strategic Growth and Expansion 

In addition to changes in personnel, Innovation Partners continues to embark upon a period of strategic transformation for the organization to complement the ever-changing landscape of the oncology, hematology, and rare disease ecosystem, coupled with the growth and expanded needs of our clients. We have expanded our suite of service offerings across Medical Affairs, Market Research, and Market and Payer Access to offer comprehensive, customizable solutions for our clients. In 2022 IP added positions to further support client operations and concluded the year with 33% more headcount than the year prior. We continue to recruit for several positions including positions across Medical Affairs, Market Research, Client Operations, and Business Development.

“Through thoughtful, strategic, and planned expansion, we hope to continue the upward trajectory of the organization, to better serve our clients and partners, and to make lives better,” said Melin.

For more information on Innovation Partners’ service offerings and a listing of available positions please visit the Innovation Partners Website https://innovationpartners.org.


Innovation Partners, LLC (IP) is an oncology, hematology, and rare disease-focused biomedical consulting company partnering with U.S. and global manufacturers seeking to promote access for their innovations, across the product development continuum, for patients, providers, and payers. Innovations Partners believes there are three keys to success – Inquiry, Illumination, and Information – which lead to healthcare access, to ultimately Make Lives Better. IP serves biopharmaceutical, medical device, medical technology, and molecular diagnostic manufacturers who are seeking to bring their healthcare innovations to a successful market launch and commercialization. IP sets itself apart from other consulting agencies by leveraging its network of influential and wide-reaching relationships, decades of industry experience, and deep expertise to navigate the intricacies of the oncology, hematology, and rare disease markets.  They aim to simplify the complex, turning their analysis into actionable insights across their core service areas of medical affairs and education, market and payer access, and quantitative and qualitative market research.  Since 2011, IP has partnered with more than 50 clients to support more than 70 brands through development and launch strategies.  https://innovationpartners.org/


Dave Melin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer