Hard skills (MOD, MOA, clinical data) are easy to learn for a PharmD or PhD working as a medical science liaison. To be really effective in this role, the soft skills, which ae not taught in school and rarely practiced in a work environment can be more difficult to learn. Examples include empathy, curiosity, and listening with the intent to understand. These skills complement technical skills and play an essential role in driving personal and professional success.

IP will organize and facilitate a live (preferable) or virtual 1 or 2-day Soft Skills Training workshop (up to 24 MSLs at a time) with interactive sessions preselected from 8 available options, each 45-90 min in length. Options include:

  1. Value of empathy
  2. Important personal interactions
  3. Managing the dialogue
  4. Polishing presentation skills
  5. Becoming a great presenter
  6. Moderating meetings
  7. Managing interactions with experts
  8. Understanding the adoption model

Selection of workshops (minimum 2, maximum all 8) are made in advance based on shared outlines of each workshop (the goals, general content and type of interactive tools used). The Innovation Partners team will arrange all logistics, props, videos, etc. for a maximum of 24 MSLS (4 groups of 6/group) to attend/participate in the planned and IP facilitated sessions