From drug development through launch and commercialization, a Foundational Slide Library is a living document that plays an important role throughout the life of a medical product. It provides a common language and consistent communication throughout the organization for all training and education programs. Modular libraries are easier and more efficient for MLR since content is preapproved and can be used multiple times without each asset requiring approval.

Each slide within a module will contain a fixed headline, text, images, and required referencing. Pre-approved blocks of content contain everything needed (storytelling, data visualization, case studies) to communicate a complete story. Content is developed in collaboration with national and regional opinion leaders to ensure that it meets the needs of their target audience.

Each created module works independently — and can be placed anywhere, or combined with other modules, and used across channels. Modular content, therefore, provides the freedom to combine approved content blocks to build assets for use in email, eDetailing, social media, speaker engagements and other channels.