Meaningful engagements with investigators will support the long-term success of your product and can encourage continued clinical collaboration. Innovation Partners understands how to meet the needs of manufacturers as well as participating investigators to develop and deploy successful Investigator Meetings.

Our expert team will manage all aspects of Investigator Meetings to allow stakeholders to meet face to face or virtually, ensure familiarity with the study, and build and maintain solid communication throughout the entire duration of the study.
Trial investigators and study coordinators will meet to network, review and (a) discuss study protocol and any updates, (b) review study status, (c) discuss the implications of findings to date, (d) troubleshoot any problems that study sites have identified, e.g., with recruitment, inclusion/exclusion criteria, data collection and analysis , (e) ensure better coordination among the sponsor and its sites, (f) ensure that all investigators have an understanding of how to conduct the trial in strict compliance with the protocol, SOP’s, guidelines and applicable regulations., and (g) review completion of Case Report Forms (CRFs).

Services may include:

  • Outreach and engagement with identified stakeholders
  • Development of discussion guides, agendas, attendee biographies, slide decks, and associated educational materials.
  • Highly experienced and efficient program moderation
  • High-quality executive summaries that provide analysis, insights and recommendations
  • Participant calendar management, contracting, and honoraria processing.
  • Meeting planning and logistics, including securing meeting space, catering, AV, technical support, on-site support, digital recordings, transcription, etc.
  • Strategic oversight, design, and direction to ensure project objectives are met and participants are actively engaged.