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Value-Based Care, Drug Costs, Gene Therapy, and Research Funding

IP Blog | Dave Melin | November 20, 2016

BioBlog WeeklyThis week’s BioBlog focuses on continued efforts toward Value-Based Care, expensive cancer drug costs, the impact that Donald Trump’s presidency will have on funding and research, and using gene therapy to help alleviate harmful affects of cancer treatment.

Florida Cancer Care Provider Starts New Bundle With United Health

In their effort to continue moving toward a value-based care system, Moffitt Cancer Care has partnered with United Health to roll out a bundled treatment program for early stage lung cancer.

Value-Based Care Will Likely Continue Under Trump

In this article, Fierce Healthcare reports that they expect once Trump takes office that most of the changes to the Affordable Care Act will happen on the financing of healthcare, rather than making changes to the way the care is actually delivered.

Japan Sets 50 Pct Price Cut For Opdivo Cancer Drug: Ono Pharma

Reuters reports, in a surprising move the Japanese health council intervened by reducing the expensive cancer drug Opdivo.

Stem Cell Researchers Anxious About Trump Presidency

ABC News reports that researchers involved in the use of embryonic stem cells and fetal tissue are waiting to find out if Donald Trump’s presidency will lead to new restrictions and changes in funding for their research.

Heart Problems From Common Cancer Treatment Can Be Alleviated By Using Gene Therapy

This article highlights new research that has found using gene therapy can help reverse harmful effects on the heart in patients that received Doxorubicin treatment.


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