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Trumpcare, Value Frameworks, GA Firefighter Cancer Bill Signed

IP Blog | Dave Melin | May 8, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we look at the AHCA bill contents as it was passed by the House, the need to revamp value frameworks to make them a useful tool, as well as an exciting new bill passed in Georgia to get firefighters covered for various types of cancer.

House Gives Green Light to Amended AHCA; Hospital, Industry Executives Disappointed But Not Surprised

The newly passed healthcare bill fails to protect access to healthcare and coverage for many Americans, leaving the healthcare industry disappointed.

Think Tank on GOP Health Bill: Coverage to Plummet, Cancer Treatment Costs to Skyrocket

In this CNN article, a liberal think tank on the newly passed healthcare bill is discussed, with special attention to the lack of coverage and provisions for individuals with pre-existing conditions, including cancer patients.

5 Reactions to the Upton Amendment That Helped the AHCA

The Upton agreement that was added to the AHCA to help it pass added more funding to help fund coverage for pre-existing conditions, but the consensus is that the extra funding is insufficient and will only help a small number of people.

Comparing the Current Value Frameworks in Oncology

Updating current value frameworks is needed in order for them to be used as an effective tool in deciding whether certain drugs and treatment benefits outweigh their cost.

GA Gov. Signs Firefighter Cancer Insurance Bill into Law

Recently Georgia passed a bill that will require insurance companies to provide insurance for firefighters for certain types of cancer.

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