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In the product development stage, we help you to think through all the aspects of product design. Some of our services include:

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KOL Outreach

IP advises clients as they develop corporate and brand advocates from among our network of key opinion leaders in oncology and other fields. Our network of connections includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, payers, and patient groups.

Examples of KOL Outreach include advisory boards, relationship development, corporate summits at professional organization meetings, etc.

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Meeting & Conference Planning

IP offers clients a targeted meeting planning service designed to handle all key logistics to ensure productive professional society and payer meetings. We sit down with clients to identify important meetings to attend and plan strategies to maximize their effectiveness. Afterwards, IP will work with clients to pull out an analyze key insights from the meetings and make a plan for how best to implement those insights. IP has close relationships with professional and payer organization staff to enable key attention to detail and personal touch needed to meet the needs of clients.

Examples of Meeting & Conference Planning include advisory boards, relationship development, corporate summits at professional organization meetings, honorarium management, executive summaries, briefing books, etc.

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Payor Education

IP introduces clients to the most influential health payer decision makers to enable broad product access. IP has a database of over 1000 current payer decision makers.

Examples of Payor Education include payer database development, payer advisory boards, focus groups, pricing research, contracting strategy, Medicare, Medicaid, specialty pharmacy, etc.

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Professional Society Engagement

IP identifies which professional societies could be the most beneficial partners based on clients’ corporate strategies. Then IP facilitates clients in developing relationships and corporate partnerships with physician, nurse, pharmacy, and government organizations in order to build mutually beneficial strategies for both parties aimed at benefiting patients. IP has long-standing relationships with key executives and staff across all major oncology professional organizations.

Examples of Professional Society Engagement include corporate advocacy summits, therapeutic guidelines strategy, clinical pathways strategy, medical education, brand awareness projects, publication planning, symposium development, meeting planning, corporate councils, etc.

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Market Research

IP educates clients about both quantitative and qualitative needs of key customers and stakeholders. We can help you gather the information you need to make informed business decisions to give your product the best chance of success.

Examples of Market Research may include web-based surveys, pricing research, focus groups, webcasts, advisory boards, etc.

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Advisory Boards

IP works with clients to develop and execute an advisory board strategy that will result in expert advice for the client. Together we identify and bring together influential external partners to build collaborative client / customer strategies. By tapping into our extensive database of KOL experts, we recruit and facilitate a targeted advisory board that will become your collaborative network and help you build the strategies you need to move your project forward.

We offer both live and web-based advisory boards of a variety of Key Opinion Leaders to meet your specific needs, including payers, physicians, nurses, policymakers, and patient advocates.

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