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August 2016 Marks Exciting Advances in Treatment, Care, & Innovation

IP Blog | Dave Melin | August 28, 2016

BioBlog WeeklyIn this week’s BioBlog we share exciting progress made on many fronts, from new cancer treatments, to increased coverage for mammograms, to innovative measures from a variety of industries in response to the Cancer Moonshot initiative.

ICER Releases Draft Evidence Report on Treatments for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

This report evaluates the health outcomes and economic effects of certain tyrosine kinase inhibitors and programmed death 1 immunotherapy agents in the treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Cigna Revises Policy, Will Cover 3d Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening

“We are always open to change based on new scientific evidence or new guidance from respected non-commercial organizations like the NCCN,” said Julie Kessel, M.D., Cigna’s senior medical director.

The Profit and Peril of Cancer Drugs

Medicines generate investor excitement, but picking winners will be challenging

Stanford Chemists Develop a New Method of Cancer Immunotherapy

Carolyn Bertozzi, a Stanford professor of chemistry notes that, “This is a whole new dimension to immune therapy”.

NCCN Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria to be Integrated into MedCurrent’s OrderWise Platform

“Integration of NCCN Imaging AUC directly into the electronic health care workflow through OrderWise™ will benefit providers with point-of-care access to qualified, NCCN Guidelines-based imaging recommendations to assure quality care of patients with cancer,” said Robert W. Carlson, MD, Chief Executive Officer, NCCN.

$1.2m Crowdsourced Contest Aims to Improve Breast-Cancer Detection Through Deep Machine Learning

Geekwire reports on,  “The effort pulls together experts in cancer care, computer science and many other disciplines to address the problem”.

Cancer Moonshot Should Make Clinical Trials a Priority

One doctor offers the reason he believes increasing opportunities for clinical trials can accelerate the desired outcome of the Cancer Moonshot initiative.

Jammed Cells Expose the Physics of Cancer

This article from Quanta Magazine states, “… only recently has anyone seriously considered the notion that purely physical concepts might help us understand the basic biology of one of the world’s deadliest phenomena”.

VA Partners With NCI, DoD for Precision Medicine Program

This article offers and explanation of the tri-agency precision medicine partnership called the Applied Proteogenomics Organizational Learning and Outcomes (APOLLO) and is part of the NCI’s Cancer Moonshot initiative.

Aetna, Humana: DoJ Fails to Grasp Market Realities

Health law expert Bryan Rotella told FierceHealthPayer via email, “The government is also being somewhat hypocritical in that the Affordable Care Act framers set the law up to encourage the mergers of healthcare providers to take on the overhead of IT and reporting needs at the expense of competition.”

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