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Payer Summit, Payment Adjustments, Payment Models and More

IP Blog | Dave Melin | October 30, 2016

BioBlog Weekly

This week’s BioBlog focuses on strategies for payers, payment adjustments, contradictions to popular notions, and more.

Strategies for OCM Implementation at the COA Payer Summit

This article from AJMC.com provides preliminary responses to the following questions: What are some of the challenges that clinical practices will face as they implement the Medicare Oncology Care Model (OCM)? What are some of the strategies that have worked for practices using similar payment models? These were some of the questions discussed at the Payer Exchange Summit V.

Access 2015 PQRS and QRUR Reports to Determine 2017 Payment Adjustments for Your Practice

This informational piece from ASCO briefly explains the PQRS and QRUR and where practices can view their reports.

Cancer Care Has Not Overtaken Overall Healthcare Costs, Clarifies Milliman Study

This article from AJMC.com outlines the findings of a study that contradicts popular notions regarding the cost of cancer care.

U.S. Health Care System is Progressing in the Adoption of Alternative Payment Models that Promote Quality and Value

A new report from the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network finds that public and private health plans are taking steps to tie payments to care that provide quality and value

Express Scripts Executive Calls For ‘Vigorous Biosimilar Market’

In this piece from AIS Health, Steve Miller, M.D., senior vice president and chief medical officer for Express Scripts shares his thoughts on some current industry trends.

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