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Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | October 26, 2016

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In this week’s Oncology Spotlight we learn about Patient Advocacy from the perspective of a cancer survivor and a terminally ill woman, from two different care centers, and an update on the Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

Cancer Research Advocacy: Progress With a Side of Heartbreak

Jamie Holloway, a PhD student in tumor biology and survivor of triple-negative breast cancer shares a patient’s perspective with scientists and clinicians as a breast cancer research advocate.

Advocate Helps Cancer Patients Navigate Complex System

There’s no GPS system to help cancer patients navigate their way through the maze of medical procedures they need, but at one hospital’s breast institute there is a patient navigator.

Cancer Moonshot Panel Makes Initial Recommendations

This article from Clinical Oncology News outlines the preliminary findings from the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel.

Mass General Cancer Center Social Workers Provide Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors

One hospital shares how social workers provide advocacy and help patients and survivors navigate their way through the journey.

Terminal Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient Calls for Action, Not Awareness

One woman shares her frustration with Breast Cancer Awareness month and the need for funding of metastatic breast cancer research.

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