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Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | October 12, 2016

Awareness Ribbons IsolatedThis week in Patient Advocacy, we present articles that share two very different cancer journeys that are now impacting patient advocacy, a study that examines cognitive functions on cancer treatment, genetic testing to improve patient treatment, and a look at how one pharmaceutical company gives back through health and patient advocacy education.

Voices of Value: Lisa Goldman

In this article from A Woman’s Health you will read about an all-too-common symptom of a delayed lung cancer diagnosis that has spurred one patient to lend her voice to patient advocacy efforts.

#SaveJosh Couldn’t Save Josh, but Might Help Others Waiting for Experimental Drugs

The News & Reporter shares this story of how a young boy’s experience is helping others gain access to experimental drugs.

Study Highlights Impact of Cognitive Functions on Dental Cancer Treatment

This study specifically addresses patient non-adherence to the prescribed cancer protocol and how it impacts the outcome.

Genetic Tests Aims to Better Match Pancreatic Cancer Patients to Treatments

In an effort to give pancreatic cancer patients more treatment options, a patient advocacy organization is testing the idea that individuals should be given different options based on the genetic characteristics of their tumors.

Astellas Expands Advocacy Engagement with Focused Outreach

This article from BioTechNow outlines one pharmaceutical company’s initiatives to expand upon health and patient advocacy.

The articles above are from our dedicated Oncology Patient Advocacy e-magazine.   Follow us on Flipboard or Twitter, or just watch for the links to this and our other magazines in our regular, weekly BioBlog emails.

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