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Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | July 7, 2016

Awareness Ribbons IsolatedThis week, our Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight explores how expanded knowledge at the patient level, provider level, and public level can enhance care and practices.

Private Patient Advocates a Growing, Yet Costly, Trend in Health Care

A discussion of a new trend in which patients or their family hire an advocate to assist in navigating the murky waters of health care.

Knowledge is Power: Improving Health Care Information For The Most Vulnerable

This article discusses the initiative, Right Place, Right Time, launched by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to better understand the challenges that vulnerable patients face in accessing health care information.

Inviting Patients To Help Decide Their Own Treatment

Glyn Elwyn of The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice notes that patients are more satisfied with their care when they have a say in it.

Patient engagement requires trust, tools and a personal touch to succeed

The author of this article acknowledges how technology can enhance a provider patient relationship, but it doesn’t trump personal touch.

Understanding An Informed Public’s Views On The Role Of Evidence In Making Health Care Decisions

This article presents the intriguing findings from the Community Forum Deliberative Methods Demonstration project sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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