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Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | May 25, 2016

Patient Advocacy awareness ribbonsThis week in health care trends, our oncology patient advocacy spotlight includes: the implications of oncology costs for patients, the patient “cancer experience map,” and why only 5% of terminally ill patients are fully aware of their prognosis.

Cost Implications of Oncology Care for the Patient

In this short video segment from AJMC TV, Alan Balch and Ted Okon “describe the significance of collaboration between providers and patients as part of a larger discussion regarding the many financial considerations associated with cancer care.”

The Cancer Experience Map: An Approach to Including the Patient Voice in Supportive Care Solutions

This article takes a look at process behind the creation of the “cancer experience map,” a tool the authors designed to “offer a window into the complex perspectives inside the cancer experience” by sharing “common overall themes for cancer patients, concerns at key treatment points, strategies for patient engagement, and targeted behavioral goals.”

Just 5% of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Fully Understand Prognosis, Study Finds

A recent study of 178 terminally ill cancer patients found that only 5% could accurately answer “what stage cancer they had, their current health status, how long they expected to live and if they had recently had a life-expectancy discussion with their doctor.”

Helsinn Supports the Conquer Cancer Foundation / Anna Braglia Endowed Young Investigator Award in Cancer Supportive Care with Research Funding Support for Promising Young Physicians

Swiss pharmaceutical group Helsinn has announced it will provide $50,000 of research funding support to “assist a promising young physician in his or her transition from the final years of training to faculty appointment, and to encourage and promote quality research in supportive care.” The application process for the first offering of this award opens July 1, 2016.

Patient Engagement Requires Trust, Tools, and a Personal Touch to Succeed

At a recent panel discussion, experts shared tips on how to succeed with patient engagement, including the importance of trust and respect: “technology can’t be a substitute.”

With Shkreli Gone, Drug Maker Vows to Avoid “Price Gouging”

After gaining notoriety for then-CEO Martin Shkreli’s exorbitant price-raising, KaloBios Pharmaceuticals has declared its intentions to avoid “price gouging,” and has “committed to disclosing all costs associated with getting its drugs to market.”

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