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Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | December 8, 2015

Patient Advocacy awareness ribbonsThis week in health care trends, our oncology patient advocacy spotlight includes: cancer drug prices vary between countries, the gap between public and private payment rates is growing, and a study outlines some of the factors in the premium growth slowdown.

Cancer Drug Prices Vary Across the Globe as Countries Strike Deals with Big Pharma: Study

A recent study of the prices of more than 30 cancer drugs across 16 European countries found that “Sweden, Switzerland and Germany pay the most for cancer meds, and the U.K., Spain, Portugal and Greece pay the least, among nations recently studied” and suggests that the disparity is “likely to grow”.

The Growing Difference between Public and Private Payment Rates for Inpatient Hospital Care

This Health Affairs article reports that “The difference between private and public (Medicare and Medicaid) payment rates for inpatient hospital stays widened between 1996 and 2012” and the rates of private payment were about 75% higher than public rates.

Several Factors Responsible for the Recent Slowdown in Premium Growth in Employee-Sponsored Insurance

An analysis of the recent slowdown in premium growth from 2009-2011 has found that “the dominant contributors to the slowdown were factors underlying declining employee enrollment: a sharp downturn in employment in 2009, followed by eroding offer and eligibility rates.”

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