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Oncology Patient Advocacy: Spanning cultures, countries, and friendships

IP Blog | Dave Melin | August 3, 2016

advocacy ribbons wideIn this week’s Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight, we look at the impact of patient advocacy, or lack of, for patients around the world and of other cultures as well as personal stories of advocates championing care for their friends and loved ones.

Komen-Kaiser Permanente Cancer Awareness Project Targets Latinas

This OregonLive reports that breast cancer is the leading cause of death among Latinas and outlines an advocacy project for regular screening for this population of women.

Opinion: Independent Patient Advocates Are Another Sign of Two-Tiered Health Care

The author shares how she and her friend navigated the terrain of cancer treatment and how much easier it would be with the assistance of a patient advocate.

Striving For Equity In Access To And Use Of Specialty Care

Health Affairs Blog notes that, “Studies suggest that eliminating racial disparities in cancer care alone would result in 250,000 fewer cancer deaths annually”.

Immunotherapy Offers Hope to a Cancer Patient, But No Certainty

This article shares how a team of advocates, including childhood friends and the attending physician, advocated for and supported one person’s roller coaster battle with cancer.

Patient-to-Patient: What to Expect in a Clinical Trial

In this article from Cure®, Janet Freeman-Daily, patient advocate and CURE contributor, discusses some key points that patients should know about enrolling in clinical trials.


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