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Oncology Clinical Pathways Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | December 1, 2015

clinical pathways doctorThis week in health care trends, our oncology clinical pathways spotlight includes: input from ASCO on the replacement for SGR, why oncology is stuck in fee-for-service mode, highlights of the recent HHS drug cost forum, and site neutrality coming soon to Medicare reimbursement.

ASCO Releases Principles for Developing a Sustainable Medicare Payment System for Clinical Oncology

ASCO recently published “11 overarching principles and detailed guidance” to give input to CMS as it seeks to replace the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula with its new Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Alternative Payment Models (APM).

Dr. Kavita Pavel Outlines How Oncology is Ripe for Delivery Reform

In this short video, Dr. Kavita Patel of the Brookings Institution argues that while oncology is ripe for delivery reform, it’s been stuck in fee-for-service “because of the way we have been paying not only the services in oncology, but for the drugs as well.”

HHS Hosts Forum as Drug Costs Enter the Spotlight on Capitol Hill

At the recent “HHS Pharmaceutical Forum: Innovation, Access, Affordability and Better Health,” experts and stakeholders from organizations like ASCO, AARP, and the National Health Council met to discuss drug cost transparency, patient access issues, and value-based drug pricing.

COA Applauds Inclusion of Medicare Payment Site Neutrality in Budget Deal

COA released a statement praising Congress for their adoption of payment site neutrality in a recent budget deal. The policy will take effect beginning in 2017, when Medicare will pay equal reimbursement rates regardless of the site of care.

Aetna Expert Explores New Cancer Payment Methodology

At the upcoming ASH conference, one session, “Approach of Insurers to New Cancer Payment Methodology”, will focus on how “New payment models that were initially developed for primary care or common surgical procedures are now being developed and used for patients with blood diseases.”

Capitol Hill Briefing: Consolidation in Health Care Likely to Continue

According to speakers at a recent Capitol Hill news briefing, “Consolidation in all sectors of the health care industry has been occurring rapidly and is likely to continue.”

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