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Oncology Clinical Pathways Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | May 18, 2016

clinical pathways doctorThis week in health care trends, our oncology clinical pathways spotlight includes: the factors surrounding the proliferation of pathways, the flaws in a bundled payments approach to high cancer costs, and the future of clinical pathways.

The Proliferation of Pathways in Oncology

This article delves into the factors behind the proliferation of clinical pathways in oncology, including the “tipping point” that’s causing more and more stakeholders to incorporate value into their decision-making processes.

JOP Editorial Examines Bundled Payment Approaches in Oncology, Proposes Inclusion of Value-Based Pathways to Enhance System

This ASCO Post article summarizes a JOP report that argues that there are some fundamental flaws in a bundled-payment approach to cost, because “while drug costs are rapidly growing, cancer drugs are not responsible for the largest variability in cancer care spending, and drug-related spending is not as easy to control as the bundled payment system presumes.”

The Future of Clinical Pathways

At a recent AJMC panel discussion, experts debated “where they see the need for improvement in clinical pathways and what they think the future holds for this field,” including the relationship between pathways and utilization and the need to compare different pathways.

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