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Oncology Clinical Pathways Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | April 19, 2016

clinical pathways doctorThis week in health care trends, our oncology clinical pathways spotlight includes: recommendations for “normative criteria” for clinical pathways, why oncology medical homes take pathways to the next level, and a majority of Americans do not believe there is an association between price and quality in health care.

Recommendations for Clinical Pathways in an Era of Personalized Medicine

This AJMC article attempts to set forth “a set of normative criteria for the development and design of pathways that creates trust and transparency” and covers the following areas: “the fundamental elements of a clinical pathway, the necessary transparency standards for their development, and the steps needed to ensure patients receive the best care in a shared-decision making context that reflects their physician’s clinical judgment.”

Most Americans Do Not Believe that There is an Association between Health Care Prices and Quality of Care

This survey found that “Most Americans (58–71 percent, depending on question framing) did not think that price and quality are associated.”

Are Oncology Clinical Pathways a Value Framework in the Making?

A panel of clinical pathways experts and stakeholders discussed the question, “What is an oncology care pathway?” as well as off-pathway regimens, challenges with adoption, and what “value” means.

The Oncology Medical Home – Beyond Clinical Pathways

This AJMC article argues that oncology medical homes take pathways to the next level, “quantifying and improving quality and value in cancer care while lowering overall costs.”

Oncology Clinical Pathways: What Patients Should Know

This article breaks down what clinical pathways mean specifically for patients and reassures them that “clinical Pathways are not a sinister plot by vendors or payers to take advantage of patients” but instead a way to reduce costs and improve care.

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