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Oncology Clinical Pathways Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | February 24, 2016

clinical pathways doctorThis week in health care trends, our oncology clinical pathways spotlight includes: a call to oncologists to take the lead in developing oncology clinical pathways and a proposal to deal with rising generic drug prices.

Oncologists Must Take Lead Role in Developing Clinical Pathways

In this article, Marcus Neubauer of US Oncology argues that especially in light of skyrocketing drug costs, oncologists need to step up to help develop clinical pathways in oncology: “Pathways are effective tools for reducing unnecessary variability in care, a key factor in achieving better outcomes and more predictable costs.”

Do Provider Reimbursement Pathways Need Oncologist Perspective?

As oncology reimbursement pathways are approaching in the future, this article argues that “oncologists should have a final say in what type of protocols are followed when it comes to cancer care.”

Addressing Generic Drug Unaffordability and Shortages by Globalizing the Market for Old Drugs

With everyone’s eyes on rising drug costs, this article notes that “Dramatic increases in the price of generic drugs have focused the attention of policymakers and the public on the limitations of marketplace economics as a means of managing drug costs and access” and suggests what it calls a “global solution” to high generic drug prices.

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