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Oncology Clinical Pathways Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | January 27, 2016

clinical pathways doctorThis week in health care trends, our oncology clinical pathways spotlight includes: ASCO’s recent policy statement on oncology clinical pathway programs and why value and market access considerations are often missing from clinical trial design.

ASCO Calls for Improvements to Clinical Pathway Programs in Oncology

In a recent policy statement, ASCO detailed specific recommendations “to ensure that clinical pathways in oncology promote—and not hinder—the care of patients with cancer.”

3 Questions on… The Value of Using Clinical Pathways in Oncology

This interview with ASCO Task Force on Clinical Pathways Chair Robin Zon dives into “why ASCO determined it was necessary to make the nine recommendations in the statement and what’s ahead for clinical pathways in oncology.”

Value and Market Access Considerations Often Are Missing from Trial Design

This article digs into the process by which clinical trial considerations are chosen and argues that “in the urgency to speed the drug to market, thoroughly integrating value and market access considerations into a product’s clinical program design is often neglected.”

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