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Obamacare, Trumpcare, Uninsured with Cancer, Research Efforts

IP Blog | Dave Melin | May 14, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we look at the fallout from the uncertain future of Obamacare, Trumpcare’s position on pre-existing conditions, the challenge of diagnosing cancer early in patients without insurance, and new research to try and detect cancer earlier.

Obamacare Premiums Rise as Insurers Fret Over Law’s Shaky Future

With the uncertain future of Obamacare and the insurance mandate, premiums are expected to rise dramatically.

Aetna Is Latest Health Insurer to Quit Obamacare Markets

This week Aetna announced they will no longer participate in the Obamacare Market next year, due to an expected loss of $200 million this year.

Trumpcare Could Harm 200,000 New Breast Cancer Patients Every Year

If the AHCA is passed as written it will leave many breast cancer patients with astronomical treatment costs. In the bill that was passed $8 billion over five years was set aside to help cover the costs for those with preexisting conditions, but this amount is severely insufficient.

Breast Cancer is More Deadly Without Insurance

New research suggests that people that are uninsured are 60% more likely to die from breast cancer, likely because they don’t have access to screening services so they don’t get diagnosed until the later stages.

Prescription History Could Help GPs Diagnose Cancer Earlier

Cancer Research UK is working on a way to help GP’s track patterns in patient prescription history’s that are later diagnosed with cancer, with hopes that it can lead to earlier diagnosis.

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