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Negotiation May Help Manage Costs, May Harm Patients

IP Blog | Dave Melin | August 7, 2016

BioBlog Weekly oncologyThis week’s BioBlog is stocked full of articles on the negotiations between insurers, providers, pharmaceuticals, and Medicare in efforts to control costs and improve care.

OptumRx and Express Scripts Report Positive Selling Season

This article from Drug Benefit News outlines the driving forces behind the increased revenues of two pharmacy benefit companies.

Express Scripts Bars New Launches from Lilly, Merck and Shuts Out Novo for 2017

This article discusses the possible reasons some drugs make the cut in formularies and others don’t.

The Informatics Challenges of the Oncology Care Model

“Practices are required to create a patient-focused care management plan with 13 data fields that are documented and shared in a patient-friendly manner,”  notes Brenton Fargnoli, M.D., Associate Medical Director for Strategic Initiatives at New York-based Flatiron Health.

Chemotherapy Payment Reform: Medicare Is Missing the Elephant in the Room

The author shares his opinion on how Medicare has managed to irritate all the affected interest groups to such a degree that it is likely to toss the proposal and go back to the drawing board.

When Insurance Companies Combine, Customers Often Lose

This article, by Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research indicates that the proposed union between Anthem and Cigna would be the largest merger in the history of the health insurance industry and would likely impact the markets for employer-provided health insurance, according to the lawsuits.

COA Announces Major Support Initiative for CMS Oncology Care Model  

The COA shares the reasoning behind their support of the new Oncology Care Model that was launched last month.

CCS Oncology Patients Face Stress of Switching Cancer Doctor or Insurer

In this article from The Buffalo News, patients share how having their provider dropped from the list of those covered by their insurance is increasing their stress and jeopardizing their well being.

IBM Says New Chip Can Filter Blood For Signs Of Cancer

This article, from FastCompany, explains why and how computers are being used for cancer research.

CMS Proposes New Mandatory Bundled Payment Models: 4 Observations

Leavitt Partners provides the reader of this article with their observations regarding the Bundled Payments Model proposed by CMS.

In Cancer, It’s Back to the Future as Old Treatments Make Cutting-Edge Ones More Effective

“If we just take the drugs we have and combine them in the right way, I think there is huge potential” for beating more cancers into remission, said Dr. Patrick Hwu of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Can I Afford To Keep My Doctor?

“The great news is that most consumers have the ability to insulate themselves from premium increases and keep their monthly costs level from the previous year,” says Caroline Pearson, a senior vice president at Avalere Health, a health policy consulting firm in Washington, D.C.

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