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Laura Fritzke

Laura Fritzke

Client Engagement Manager

Business & Operations | 20+ Years Experience | Office Management

Laura Fritzke has over 20 years experience in business leadership and operations. Through her extensive experience in starting and managing several small businesses, she has utilized her strong entrepreneurial skills to understand many aspects of small business including customer service, employment training, financial analysis, management systems, sustainability and the importance the private sector has in the community.

Laura’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to her founding and running multiple enterprises over the years, from a coffee shop to a window treatment company. This has honed her critical thinking and problem solving skills while balancing management of small businesses and raising her children. Laura excels at recognizing skill sets and how to best combine people’s strengths and enjoys leading a team as a collective, where each member contributes their own gifts and talents.

Skills & Experience:

20+ years in small business and operations in a variety of arenas including:

  • small business owner/operator
  • accounting/bookkeeping
  • HR and staff management
  • customer service
  • employee training
  • office management
  • data processing and analysis

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