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Clarissa Stamler

Clarissa Stamler - Innovation Partners, LLC

Clarissa Stamler

Associate Director

Professional & Patient Advocacy | 15+ years experience | Building key relationships


Clarissa Stamler is a resourceful and creative team builder with over 15 years of healthcare experience. Her early start as a medical coordinator at a major hospital ignited her passion for health care and helping others. With 8+ years in agency account management and 3+ years in pharmaceutical marketing communications, Clarissa knows what it takes to successfully bring a product to market!

Clarissa has successfully worked on several product launches, both domestic and global, ensuring the marketing collateral was accounted for and executed on strategy, while juggling the regulatory review process for a major oncology launch. Clarissa’s keen ability to think “outside the box” was instrumental in leading and motivating her creative teams and colleagues, and her focus on providing excellent customer service has awarded her many accolades as the “go to” member of the team.

Clarissa’s product knowledge and experience include Oncology, Women’s Health and Contraception, and OTC healthcare brands. She is ambitious and highly organized, and can see the big picture and put the strategy in place to get the job done. Clarissa’s focus, among others, is building professional and patient advocacy relationships.


15+ years in healthcare/pharmaceutical industry, with focuses including:

  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Development/Planning
  • Creative Leadership, Planning and Production
  • Message Development
  • FDA Regulatory Experience
  • Client Communication
  • Customer Engagement
  • Process Enhancement
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting Allocation
  • Advocacy Relations
  • Associate Director, Marketing and Operations
  • Manager, Marketing Communications
  • Account Supervisor

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