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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

IP Blog | Dave Melin | July 20, 2016

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This week in health care trends, our cancer supportive care spotlight addresses how having conversations around palliative care can improve the patient and caregiver experience.

It’s Time to Train All Doctors on How to Talk to Patients About End-of-Life Care

A recent national poll found that although 99% of the physicians feel end-of-life and advance care planning discussions are important, nearly half reported they do not know what to say and less than a third reported any prior training for these conversations.

Amy Berman Tells Senate Committee:  ‘Palliative Care Is Best Friend of the Seriously Ill’

This article from the John A. Hartford Foundation tells the author’s journey with a terminal illness and how palliative care is helping her to beat the odds.

America’s Care of Serious Illness

67 percent of U.S. hospitals with fifty or more beds report palliative care teams, up from 63 percent in 2011 and 53 percent in 2008.

Four Paths to the End of Life

The findings of this University of Michigan Health Services may be surprising to many people.

Supportive Care Medications, Palliative Services Underused by Black Women with Breast Cancer

This article from HemOnc Today explores the reasons and repercussions of underutilizing supportive care by black women.

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