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New Investments, Sharpless Appointment, New Cancer Treatment Discoveries

IP Blog | Dave Melin | June 18, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we learn more about Google’s recent investments in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, Cigna’s continued support of Omada Health, Trump’s recent appointing of Sharpless, and potential new treatments for cancer.

Google Is Ramping Up Pharma Activity

Google continues to expand their investments in the pharmaceutical field this year, continuing on recent indications that the tech giant is interested in the medical industry.

Google Using FHIR, Deep Learning for Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Google has shown great interest in increasing the accuracy of machine learning by collaborating with many healthcare organizations and using advanced predictive analytics.

Cigna leads Omada Health’s Latest $50M Investment Round

Cigna has not only invested more money into Omada Health, but has also expanded their partnership with them and plan to utilize their behavior health technology for their own customers.

Trump Names Sharpless to Lead U.S. Cancer Institute

Recently Trump announced he will appoint Ned Sharpless to lead the US Cancer Institute. This move has garnered much support from cancer research leaders that feel Sharpless is a well rounded candidate.

Vitamin C and Antibiotics: A New One-Two ‘Punch’ for Knocking-Out Cancer Stem Cells

In a new experiment conducted by the University of Salford, using the antibiotic Doxycycline followed by doses of vitamin C, have shown promising results in killing Cancer stem cells.

TCGA Study of Liver Cancer Reveals Potential Targets for Therapy

In this press release from the National Cancer Institute, we look at new findings from the TCGA that have found several new genomic changes that could create new treatment targets for HCC.

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