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Insurance Rates for 2016 and Cigna and Aetna in Midst of Two Potential Acquisition Bids

IP Blog | Dave Melin | June 21, 2015

BioBlog Weekly oncologyThis week in health care, analysts re-examine health insurance rate predictions for 2016 and two healthcare mergers may be in the works.

Data Questions Predictions of Sky-High 2016 Health Insurance Rate Hikes

Amid worries of skyrocketing insurance rate hikes in 2016, a report from Avalere has found instead that “rate increases for silver plans under the Affordable Care Act–an option chosen by 68 percent of exchange enrollees in 2015–were set to increase a modest 5.8 percent.”

The Benefits and Challenges of Reference Pricing [Special Report]

This special report delves into “the benefits and limitations of reference-based pricing and takes a look at how these initiatives could evolve to gain more widespread adoption.”

FDA to Work with Online Patient Forum to Mine Safety Data

The FDA will partner with online patient forum PatientsLikeMe to gather information in order “to learn more about side effects that might look harmless to a government drug reviewer but are troublesome to patients.”

340B Drug Pricing Program Ceiling Price and Manufacturer Civil Monetary Penalties Regulation

This release from the US Health Resources and Services Administration details a proposed rule for the 340B pricing program that “sets forth the calculation of the ceiling price and application of civil monetary penalties.”

How Kaiser Permanente Encourages Healthcare Innovation

This profile takes a look at health system Kaiser Permanente and how they use “pull strategies” to grow and promote new ideas.

Health Insurers Paying for Yet Another Healthcare.gov Glitch

Due to the inability to connect health care applicants with the correct information, “the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hasn’t been able to resolve glitches that are costing some consumers their subsidies.”

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