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In’s and Out’s of the Senate Healthcare Bill

IP Blog | Dave Melin | June 25, 2017

BioBlog WeeklyThis week’s BioBlog explores various aspects of the Senate’s Healthcare Bill.

Senate Republicans Reveal Long-Awaited Affordable Care Act Repeal Bill

In this article, NPR highlights the major changes that would occur if the newly released senate healthcare bill passes.

CHART: Who Wins, Who Loses With Senate Health Care Bill

The chart in this article highlights the differences in coverage between the current House and Senate bills, as well as Obamacare.

Senate Healthcare Bill is a Disappointment, ASCO Says

ASCO criticizes the senate healthcare bill and says it falls short and a bipartisan forum should be formed to rework the current bill.

How the Senate’s Health-Care Bill Would Cause Financial Ruin for People With Preexisting Conditions

As written now the senate health bill leaves the door wide open for insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions by allowing them to not cover the essential health benefits that must be covered under Obamacare.


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