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Healthcare.gov: When Will the Open Enrollment Period Be Open?

IP Blog | Dave Melin | November 1, 2013

BioBlogWeeklyRecently, the rocky launch of insurance exchange site Healthcare.gov has been all over the news. But how do officials plan to fix the healthcare rollout site, and where will they go from here? A plan is starting to emerge.

Why the U.S. Government Never Gets Tech Right: Getting to the Bottom of Healthcare.gov’s Flop

In this detailed op-ed piece, two political technology experts (including the former chief technology officer for Obama for America) explain why the government often struggles to successfully launch technological initiatives.

We’re sorry and we’re fixing the website, health officials say

As many politicians and other Americans continue to express their frustration with the glitches in Healthcare.gov, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other officials apologize to the public and promise that they will continue to work to get the site functioning properly.

Obama Asks Zients to Help Repair Health Exchange Websites

It was recently announced that President Obama has enlisted Jeffrey Zients, nominee to head the National Economic Council, to shepherd efforts to fix Healthcare.gov.

White House says ‘Obamacare’ website will be fixed by end of November

In a call with reporters, Jeffrey Zients said that “By the end of November, the vast majority of consumers will be able to successfully and smoothly enroll through Healthcare.gov.”

Two key parts of online health insurance exchange will take longer to fix than expected

Recently government officials acknowledged that neither Healthcare.gov’s online Medicaid enrollment nor its Spanish-language version of the site will be fixed as promised by Nov. 1.

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