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All Eyes on Congress as the Tax Bill Deadline Draws Near; Tasty Pigs; and More

IP Blog | Innovation Partners | December 17, 2017

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All eyes are on Congress as the Senate and House work out details on a tax bill due to President Trump by Christmas that provides sharp tax cuts to corporations and eliminates or reduces personal tax credits. Biotech is in the news, including a fascinating look at the top stories of 2017. CRISPR and tasty pigs, anyone? This week’s Innovation Partners BioBlog, your source for the latest headlines from the world of health technology and business.

Orphan Drug Credit, Repatriation Top List Of Issues Pharma Is Watching As Congress Hammers Out Tax Bill

All eyes are watching Congress this week as representatives work out the details of corporate tax cuts. If the deals go through, the pharmaceutical industry is poised for several positive results.

As the Senate continues to talk about drug pricing let’s think about biotechs, too

An op-ed piece posing the challenge to the Senate of keeping biotechs in mind as it engages in the hot-button debate around drug pricing issues. Jeffrey Bacha reminds Senate leaders that biotech, scientists, business leaders and investors have been at the vanguard of finding products and vaccines for many previously untreatable diseases. Benefits for biotech are benefits for all.

Value-Based Pharma Contracts Need More Experimentation

A panel gathered by the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) addressed the need for discussion and resolution of many issues surrounding value-based pharmaceuticals. VBP tack the outcomes of treatment to the price paid for a drug. Issues such as “a perceived lack of evidence” that drug spending was cut back, the difficulty generating outcomes data during the contract period, and uncertainty surrounding budgets needed to manage the contracts are all barriers that must be overcome for value-based pharma to work effectively.

Republican Tax Bill in Final Sprint Across Finish Line

Party leaders in both the House and the Senate are working feverishly to bridge the gap between their respective tax bills before the current session adjourns for the holidays. Their goal is to deliver a bill to President Trump by Christmas. The proposed bill provides sharp tax cuts for corporates and reduces or eliminates many individual tax breaks.

Trump, Tasty Pigs, and Hurricanes: The Top Medical Stories of the Year

From altering the genetic makeup of human embryos to tinkering with the genome of pigs to create human-compatible organs for transplant, the year in science provides a fascinating window into what was once the realm of science fiction. A look back at the top medical stories of 2017.

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