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What Does the Express Scripts Oncology Care Value Program Mean for Access to Novel Therapies?

IP Blog | Dave Melin | February 22, 2016

BioBlog Weekly oncologyThis week in healthcare: Express Scripts announced the launch of their Oncology Care Value program and ASCO looks ahead to its updated value framework.

Express Scripts Leads Indication-Specific Pricing with Launch of OCV Program

Recently Express Scripts announced the launch of their Oncology Care Value program, which “features an indication-specific pricing model for drugs to treat certain cancers.”

3D Mammography Improves Cancer Detection and Cuts “Call Backs” Over Three Years

A new study on 3D mammography (also known as DBT) published in JAMA Oncology has found “the first longitudinal evidence that the benefits of initial DBT screening – fewer patients called back for sometimes unnecessary imaging, more cancer cases found in recalled patients, and fewer breast cancers diagnosed between regularly scheduled screening appointments in women who received a healthy negative reading – can be sustained and improved over time with consecutive DBT screening.”

IBM Watson Health to Buy Truven for $2.6B in Fourth Health Data Deal

IBM’s Watson Health has announced an upcoming deal to acquire Truven Health Analytics for $2.6 billion. This will be IBM’s fourth health data deal since it formed Watson Health in April.

Cancer Research Moves to the Cloud to Improve Patient Care

Biomedical data analysis company Seven Bridges has moved a massive amount of cancer data (100 million video hours worth of files) to the cloud, including “the complete DNA data and other molecular and medical information on cancers from 11,000 patients.” This comes as President Obama has called for the use of big data to advance the “cancer moonshot”.

2016 Forecast Series — Lowell E. Schnipper, MD, Chair, ASCO Task Force on Value in Cancer Care

In this interview, the chair of the ASCO Task Force on Value in Cancer Care gives his thoughts on how ASCO’s new value framework came about and when the next updates to the framework will be published.

Oral Parity: When Modern Medicine Outpaces Policy

This article from ACCC argues that oral oncology drugs should no longer be reimbursed through the pharmacy benefit and that “insurance coverage has not kept pace with medical innovation.”

Discussing Value in Hematology: A Roundtable with ZS Associates

A survey at the recent ASH Annual Meeting found that “Hematologists at ASH seemed to see the innovations presented at the conference and those they are adding to prescribing habits today as outweighing potential cost concerns.”

Cancer Immunotherapies are Poised to Boost Outcomes, Costs

This argues that although cancer immunotherapies have garnered a lot of attention, with ASCO “recently named cancer immunotherapy the advance of the year,” this growing field also means higher costs.

Doctors Warn New Contract Will Impede Care for Cancer Patients

In response to a proposed new set of terms for cancer care in the UK, over 470 cancer doctors have written a letter arguing that the new contract “will lead to worse outcomes for our cancer patients” and discourage new doctors from entering the profession.

Blast Off: Phoenix Children’s Hospital Leads in Bringing Innovative Treatment to Pediatric Cancer Care Through Cancer MoonShot 2020

Arizona is jumping on the cancer moonshot bandwagon as Phoenix Children’s Hospital announces its participation in the Cancer MoonShot 2020 initiative.

Five Forces Driving Telemedicine Expansion in 2016

Though telemedicine has been growing steadily, this article argues that in 2016 “telemedicine is on the verge of rapid, widespread growth and adoption” and lists five factors that may cause telemedicine to expand rapidly this year.

New Predictor of Cancer

A new study in the field of epigenetics has found that “when your biological (epigenetic) age is older than your chronological age, you are at increased risk for getting and dying of cancer.”

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