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New Drugs and Treatments for Leukemia, Alzheimer’s, and Hemophilia

IP Blog | Dave Melin | July 23, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we learn about new drugs and treatments for leukemia, Alzheimer’s disease, and hemophilia. We also look at a new way the Mayo Clinic is using artificial intelligence to look for potential new drug application, along with Alaska receiving approval for a plan to help stabilize the ACA marketplace in the state.

A Cancer Breakthrough Near FDA Approval Has a Costly Side Effect

A new leukemia treatment has received FDA approval, but a long term side effect for most patients receiving it seems to be B-cell aplasia.

Big Pharma VCs Jump in to Back a $63M Mission to Tackle a Genetic Driver of Alzheimer’s

A research team has quietly been working on a new approach to treating Alzheimer’s for years; they have been working on therapies that can restructure ApoE4, a main culprit tied to Alzheimer’s.

Experimental Gene-Silencing Drug from Alnylam and Sanofi Shows Strong Results in Hemophilia

In an ongoing clinical trial the drug, fitusiran, has had remarkable success in the patients in the trial with nearly half not having any bleeding events for nearly a year.

Qrativ Founded by Mayo Clinic, nference to Identify Rare Disease Drug Opportunities

The Mayo Clinic has launched an effort to use artificial intelligence in hopes of being able to identify new uses for developmental drugs.

Alaska Gets Approval for Plan to Bolster Health Insurance Markets

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Trump administration has approved a plan in Alaska to help stabilize the ACA market next year. More states are expected to create similar plans to help stabilize their marketplaces.

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