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Drug Pricing, MACRA Requirement, and Alternative Payment Models

IP Blog | Dave Melin | May 21, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we read about recent developments in the ongoing fight to lower drug prices, ASCO’s new payment model alternative, and more physicians being excluded from the MACRA requirements.

The White House Budget Director Dropped a Hint About How Trump Could Bring Drug Prices Down

Mick Mulvaney suggested that it is possible that Trump may use a tactic that has predominantly been pushed for by democrats, by using the rebates that drug companies receive to bargain for better pricing.

If the Cancer Doesn’t Kill You, the Drug Prices Might

Given the high costs of cancer drugs and treatments, patients are left with difficult choices: do the treatment and face financial ruin or don’t do it and die. Patients are having to make care decisions not based on their best treatment options, but having to consider the high costs.

Policymakers Face Pressure to Act on Drug Pricing

A drug pricing policy that would have allowed lower priced drugs to be imported from Canada didn’t make it trough the senate this week, but lawmakers seem poised to continue looking for options to address high drug costs.

CMS Gives 800,000 Docs a Pass On MACRA Requirement

CMS recently sent letters to over 800,000 providers notifying them they will not be evaluated under the MIPS system in 2017, saving the providers millions in compliance costs.

ASCO has presented a new payment model for consideration that would look to lower the costs of cancer care and increase the quality of care.

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