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Drug Costs, Federal Funding, New Partnerships, and Supreme Court Hearings

IP Blog | Dave Melin | April 30, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we explore the ending of a major contract between Express Scripts and Anthem, the continued battle over drug costs, an Upcoming meeting between the Trump administration and drug companies, a new partnership between Walgreens and Prime, and a highly anticipated hearing in the Supreme Court.

A Huge Pharma Middleman Just Lost Its Biggest Customer — and it Shows How Drug Pricing Really Works

Express Scripts has decided not to renew their contract with Anthem due to a lawsuit last year.

R&D Costs For Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Explain Elevated US Drug Prices

Drug costs in the United States are up to five times that of the same drugs in Europe; the research and development costs cannot explain why they are so much higher here.

Top White House Officials to Meet With Biotech Executives and Researchers

On May 8th the Trump administration is slated to meet with government researchers and drug companies to discuss federal funding in the private sector.

Prime Closes Deal to Partner With Walgreens on New Entity

Recently Prime and Walgreens agreed to a deal that will form a new company to combine their mail service and specialty pharmacies businesses, which should help with cost efficiencies and coordinating health care.

Supreme Court to Review Biosimilar Battle Between Amgen and Sandoz

This week the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in a highly anticipated case regarding  the procedures of bringing lower cost biosimilar medications to market.


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