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Clinton Unveils Drug Price Cap Plan and Aetna and Anthem Questioned by Congress over Mergers

IP Blog | Dave Melin | September 27, 2015

BioBlog Weekly oncologyThis week in healthcare, Hillary Clinton unveils a plan to cap drug prices and Aetna and Anthem are grilled by Congress over their proposed merger deals.

Clinton Unveils Plan to Cap Monthly Costs for Rx Drugs

Recently presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced a plan to “cap monthly and annual out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs for patients suffering from chronic illnesses.”

Clinton’s Plan to Control Prescription Drug Costs Features Cap on Out-of-Pocket Expenses

As the 2016 presidential candidates vie for support, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan to address high health care costs includes “capping out-of-pocket drug expenses at $250 a month” and allowing Medicare to “negotiate lower drug costs and increase federal scrutiny of pharmaceutical company pricing.”

New Weapon in Push to Lower U.S. Biotech Drug Prices

Amid loud celebrations about the approval and launch of the first biosimilar drug in the U.S., some are predicting the road to product inclusion will be harder than previously thought. “A large educational effort is required,” said a spokesperson.

The Assault on Drug Innovation

This opinion piece argues that the public outrage over high-cost hepatitis C drugs is spreading to other drugs, and that imposing too many restrictions could put a damper on health innovation.

What Cancer Doctors Don’t Know about Cancer Drugs

As multiple presidential hopefuls call for restrictions on drug pricing, this Wall Street Journal article argues that “price controls will limit new therapies” and put restrictions on investment and innovation.

How the U.S. Could Cure Drug Price Insanity

This article argues that specialty drug “prices are rising when basic rules of markets say they shouldn’t. Each step of progress costs more than the last; prices rise even when competitors appear, when the market size expands, when drugs work less well than hoped.”

Senate Panel Grills Aetna, Anthem Execs on Merger Deals

As Aetna and Anthem move toward their merger deals with Humana and Cigna (respectively), they are coming under intense scrutiny in a Congressional hearing.

Radiation Oncology Looks to Collaboration for Big Data Systems

Speakers at the 2015 Big Data workshop argue that “radiation oncology is well positioned to harness big data to assess quality, facilitate research, and enhance patient care.”

Four States Operating Hybrid Insurance Marketplaces Experience Both Advantages and Disadvantages

FierceHealthPayer reports that “The four states that operate their health insurance exchanges with support from the federal Healthcare.gov platform have primarily reported positive experiences, but challenges remain.”

UK NHS Cancer Patients Denied Drugs Due to Inflated Prices – Experts

A recent study of drug prices around the world found discrepancies that led the UK’s NHS to deny coverage for certain drugs based on “unnecessarily exorbitant prices.” For example, “Imatinib (Gleevec) – for leukaemia and some other cancers – costs $31,867 in the UK but $28,675 in France and just $8,370 in Russia. Sorafenib (Nexavar), for liver cancer, costs $57,232 in the UK but $49,715 in Spain and $44,543 in France.”

Cure Forward Launches Precision Medicine Engagement Platform for Cancer Patients

Recently Cure Forward, “a multi-sided platform bridging the gap for patients and precision medicine,” announced it would launch its platform beginning in cancer care.

Government Shutdown Showdown

As the deadline to pass a federal budget for 2016 by October 1 approaches, the threat of yet another government shutdown looms.

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