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US Market & Payer Outreach

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Mid-size biopharma company


Phase 3 development candidate

Client Business Challenge:

To rapidly educate the US payer community, including public and private payers, regarding appropriate treatment and access for the client's product in regards to reimbursement decisions.


IP enabled client to educate key pharmacy and medical director decision makers. This allowed client to engage in product education discussions and symposia as well as specific contracting discussions to enable access for their new FDA-approved product.

Project Timeline: 6 Phases
, 18 months
These examples are for illustrative purposes only. Timelines and results may vary depending on specific client needs and business situations.

— START! —

18 mo to launch

Designed strategy to identify key potential advocates

IP assisted client’s commercial team in designing a strategy to identify key payer decision makers in the US and a plan to educate them.

15 mo to launch

Identified key US payer & professional organizations

IP assisted client’s commercial team to identify key US payer / professional organizations such as AMCP and ASHP to target these conferences for educational symposia and CME programming to help client gain broader awareness for their Phase 3 development candidate.

12 mo to launch

Attended conferences to meet and build relationships with key payers

IP members attended key payer conferences with client, set up one-on-one meetings with pharmacy and medical directors, attended conference educational programming, and built further relationships.

9 mo to launch

Conducted qualitative & quantitative pricing research

IP assisted with qualitative and quantitative pricing research in collaboration with payer audience previously developed and assisted client in gaining valuable insight to market factors affecting pricing strategy.

6 mo to launch

Facilitated payer advisory board to gather input

IP created and hosted a US payer advisory board in NYC, invite key medical & pharmacy directors to provide input to final US market access plan for client

3 mo to launch

Developed final pricing strategy

IP assisted client in developing final contracting and pricing strategy to be implemented following FDA approval.

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