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Rapid Physician Education

rapid physician education doctor team


Midsize Oncology Company


Novel breast cancer treatment

Client Business Challenge:

To gain rapid familiarity with new product by oncology physicians, despite limited relationships with key oncology professional organizations (i.e. medical oncology, oncology nurses, oncology pharmacists, oncology / hematology billing & administrators)


IP enabled client to achieve rapid physician familiarity with a novel breast cancer treatment, post FDA approval, and broad patient access across the U.S. by cultivating and transferring oncology business relationships with key oncology provider, patient, academic and nursing organizations.

Project Timeline: 5 Phases
, 2½ Years
These examples are for illustrative purposes only. Timelines and results may vary depending on specific client needs and business situations.

— START! —

18 mo. to Launch

Planned customized brand awareness program

IP assisted the client’s brand team in designing customized communications and brand awareness programs to build key stakeholder awareness among doctors, nurses, pharmacist, and billing administrators.

18 mo. to Launch

Leveraged professional oncology relationships

IP leveraged and transferred their long-standing relationships with leading oncology professional organizations in the U.S. IP introduced the client’s brand team to key executives and staff and facilitated meeting planning at the advocacy organization’s medical conferences and meetings.

12 mo. to Launch

FDA approval granted and communicated

The advocacy organizations effectively spread the word regarding the FDA approval of the client’s new treatment for breast cancer.

At Launch

Product launched

At the time of product launch, advocacy organization executives were quoted in the media attesting to the patient benefits of the client’s new treatment.

12 mo. after Launch

Educational objectives reached

Physician education about the new product enabled the client to meet their educational and market access objectives.

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