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Business Development Match Maker

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Small, European BioPharma Company


Several Oncology Products in Development

Client Business Challenge:

To gain access to and develop commercial partnership to advance the client’s oncology research to market in the U.S. marketplace. Client was known for strong research and development capability, but preparing a new drug for potential introduction to the U.S. oncology marketplace was a new frontier for this European biopharma company.


IP initially partnered with client to develop a list of targeted commercial partners with oncology capabilities in the U.S. Then we worked with clients to prioritize targets and introduced client to several U.S.-based biopharma companies who offer strong commercial synergies to client company. IP's relationships opened doors for this client, which in turn translated into numerous business development meetings, due diligence interactions, and ultimately a successful product licensing agreement between the client and a mid-size biopharmaceutical company in the U.S.

Project Timeline: 5 Phases
, 13 mo.
These examples are for illustrative purposes only. Timelines and results may vary depending on specific client needs and business situations.

— START! —

Jan 2012

Met with client to clarify business objectives

IP met with client’s management and business development team to understand company’s business objectives and profile of clinical development candidate in need of a commercial partner.

Mar 2012

Identified & contacted potential partners

IP identified U.S. biopharmaceutical companies who met the client’s partner profile. IP reached out to management team of potential partner companies to gauge interest in client’s product.

Apr-Sep 2012

Introduced client to potential partners

IP facilitated introductory meetings between client and potential partners business development teams. After several meetings, client narrowed target list to three potential U.S. commercial partners. Client initiated due diligence discussions and process with a top partner candidate.

Nov 2012

Negotiated terms of deal

IP assisted client in negotiation and review of terms sheet and potential deal structure. Following negotiation, potential partner agreed to deal structure.

Feb 2013

Executed licensing deal & prepared for launch

Client executed product licensing deal with new commercial partner and looks forward to planning for a successful product launch to the oncology commercial market in the U.S.

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