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Cancer Supportive Care Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | December 22, 2015

cancer supportive care handsThis week in health care trends, our cancer supportive care spotlight includes: analysts predict the cancer supportive care market will be valued at $31B by 2021, several new programs will expand hospice access beginning January 1, and a study shows that a single palliative care consult can reduce depression in advanced cancer patients.

Global Cancer Supportive Care Products Market Will Reach US $31.7 BN by 2021

According to a new report from Persistent Market Research, “The cancer supportive care products market accounted for US $23,602.0 Mn in 2014 and is expected to increase to US $31,700.0 Mn by 2021.” The report also notes that “the lung cancer segment is expected to dominate the overall market in future, i.e. by 2021, owing to greater incidences of tobacco smoking cases, rising pollution, and exposure to harmful chemicals and gases released from various industries.”

New Medicare Program Set to Expand Access to Hospice

Beginning January 1, CMS will launch its new Care Choices program, “a five-year program in which CMS will explore whether certain Medicare patients with terminal illnesses would be well served by the opportunity to receive hospice services while they are also receiving chemotherapy or other treatment.”

Evaluating a New Era in Medicare Hospice and End-of-Life Policy

In 2016, three new policy changes will impact the world of palliative care: hospice reimbursement reform; “explicit payment for advanced care planning discussions between patients, families, and physicians”; and Medicare’s new Care Choices program. This article digs into all three.

Association Between Supportive Care Interventions and Patient Self-Reported Depression Among Advanced Cancer Outpatients

A study examining the relationship between patient self-reported depression (PSRD) and palliative care among advanced cancer outpatients has found that “more than 50% patients with moderate/severe PSRD significantly improved after one single supportive/palliative care consultation.”

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