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Cancer Supportive Care Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | October 8, 2015

cancer supportive care handsThis week: physicians and social media, why cancer patients and survivors are more susceptible to flu, the state of palliative care in the U.S., and why young people are the “lost tribe” of oncology and palliative care.

PCP/Oncology Partnerships Vital for Cancer Care Wave

A new report has found that “a shared care model” between primary care and oncology services may be able to meet the predicted 40% rise in cancer diagnoses over the next 20 years.

Find Your Social Media Voice. Patients are Listening.

Blogger KevinMD states that “60 percent of those who use social media say they are most likely to trust content created by physicians over any other group” and challenges physicians to get engaged on social media.

Cancer, the Flu, and You

As this report from the CDC states, “if you have cancer now or have had cancer in the past, you are at higher risk for complications from the seasonal flu or influenza, including hospitalization and death.” So get your flu shot — and read this article for more information.

The Growth of Palliative Care in U.S. Hospitals: A Status Report

This report from the Journal of Palliative Medicine argues that there is “continued steady growth in the number of hospital palliative care programs in the United States, with almost universal access to services in large U.S. hospitals and academic medical centers.” It also notes, however, that access remains “uneven” and dependent on factors of geography or facility ownership.

Palliative Care Showing Increasing Signs of Integration into Standard Care

This summary of abstracts from last year’s Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium highlights “the maturation of palliative care for cancer patients from a good idea to an emerging component of standard care.”

Palliative Care Still a Challenge for Medical Field

The Center to Advance Palliative Care has given the U.S. another “B” rating — including zero failing grades for individual states — but there is still work to be done, as “of those patients admitted to hospitals who need palliative care, less than half were able to receive such medical care.”

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