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Cancer Supportive Care Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | May 12, 2016

cancer supportive care handsThis week in health care trends, our cancer supportive care spotlight includes: how social media changed one oncologist’s life and the U.S. lags behind other countries in health gains per dollar spent.

How Social Media Changed This Oncologist’s Life

In this article, an oncologist argues that “There is nothing inherently good or bad” about social media and shares numerous examples of how something as seemingly insignificant as a tweet conversation has led to incredible opportunities for him, including publication in journals and even an invitation to the White House.

Cancer Drugs Provide Positive Value in Nine Countries, but the United States Lags in Health Gains Per Dollar Spent

A recent Health Affairs study has found that “although the United States saw an estimated $32.6 billion net positive return from cancer drug care in 2014, it lags other countries in value derived from cancer drug spending.”

Training General Practitioners Contributes to the Identification of Palliative Patients and to Multidimensional Care Provision: Secondary Outcomes of an RCT

Looking at the impact of palliative care training on patient outcomes, a study has found that “trained GPs identified more palliative patients than did untrained GPs and more often provided multidimensional palliative care.”

Early Integration of Palliative and Supportive Care in the Cancer Continuum: Challenges and Opportunities

This study digs into some of the opportunities and challenges of palliative care, including miscommunication, resource, and policy barriers.

Interval between Palliative Care Referral and Death Among Patients Treated at a Comprehensive Cancer Center

This study takes a look at “the interval between palliative care referral and death in patients with advanced cancer.”

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